Child Protection

application/pdfChild Protection - Local Child Protection Systems Child Protection - Strengthening Local Child Protection Systems. Best Practices.27/10/2014117KB
application/pdfChild Protection - Community Based Child Protection NetworksChild Protection - Community Based Child Protection Networks: Case Study.27/10/2014174KB
application/pdfChild Protection - Innocent: Case StudyChild Protection - Innocent: Case Study20/12/2013182KB
application/pdfHumanitarian Work - Nkamira Transit Centre, Case StudyNkamira Transit Centre, May 2012.20/12/2013372KB
application/pdfHumanitarian Work - Nkamira Transit Centre, Case StudyNkamira Transit Centre, 6 June 2012.20/12/2013474KB
application/pdfEvaluation of First Steps (Intera za Mbere) Parents’ interactions with infants and children in the first years can have a long-term impact on physical, health, on social and emotional well-being, and on cognitive capacities (CDC, 2007). With training, parents can become more effective providers of the care and stimulation that babies and young children need to develop properly (Evans, 2006). Since the Pilot Phase of First Steps (Intera za Mbere) Program in 2015, Save the Children continues to implement the program with an aim to improve parenting practices, child development outcomes, and promotion of emergent literacy in the home. As part of our COVID-19 response in 2020 in partnership with UMUHUZA we conducted a baseline survey on parenting during COVID-19 intended to collect data to benchmark the “Evaluation of First Steps (Intera za Mbere) towards quality Early Childhood Care and Development through Holistic Parenting Education in Response to COVID-19”18/02/2021819KB
application/pdfHumanitarian Work - Save the Children in emergenciesSave the Children in emergencies20/12/2013849KB
application/pdfRadio: A Low-Tech Solution to Deliver Integrated Nurturing CThis brief profiles how MOMENTUM adapted and scaled up an evidence-based Rwandan radio program on nurturing care called "First Steps Intera za Mbere." The program adapted to COVID-19 restrictions to respond to the urgent need created to reach caregivers with vital health information and prevention measures while also expanding the program's reach across the country. "First Steps Intera za Mbere" supports caregivers to provide nurturing care, support child development, improve learning outcomes, and increase emergent literacy promotion for children ages zero to three years old through group sessions and radio programming.27/07/20211MB
application/pdfChild Protection - Liliane: Case StudyChild Protection - Liliane: Case Study20/12/20131MB
application/pdfHumanitarian Work - Jolie and Uwase Case StudyJolie and Uwase Case Study20/12/20132MB
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