Save the Children in our Burundi Sub-Office 

In 2015, Save the Children began operating in Burundi. Through our sub-office, We delivers protection services and gender-based violence (GBV) prevention and response across five refugee camps in Muyinga, Ruyigi and Bujumbura. We also mobilizes resources and provides child protection services to disaster-affected children and their families displaced by recurrent flooding of Lake Tanganyika.

Protection and Mixed Solutions benefits refugees living in Bwagiriza, Kavumu, Nyankanda, Musasa and Kinama camps and urban sites in Bujumbura and enables them to enjoy their rights to live free from abuse, violence, neglect and exploitation. The project targets 80,818 refugees with protection and gender-based violence prevention and response. The project ensures the best interest processes are established and children receive timely, age-appropriate and gender sensitive interventions.

Congolese Refugee Response  supports the provision of child protection, SGBV and service referral to Congolese refugees in Burundi. SC facilitates capacity building trainings in CPiE and SGBV for key stakeholders. The project advocates for improved prevention and response to CPiE and SGBV and helped establish functional community-based CP structures and operationalize coordination and partnership mechanisms.

Lake Tanganyika Flood Response supports children and their communities impacted by flooding in partnership with local leaders. The response included revitalization of Child Protection Committees and creation of a pool of community-based volunteers that formed protection networks.