Child Protection

Rwanda remains one of the poorest countries in the world ranking 151 out of 187 countries in the 2013 Human Development Index. Despite a significant 5.8% reduction in poverty from 44.9% in 2010/11 to 39.1% in 2013/14 (against a target of 30.2% by 2015), the national poverty rate is still high in Rwanda and children are disproportionately affected; 47% of children aged 0-4 live in poor families and 48.2% of children aged 5-20 live in poverty. The prevalence of violence against children was equally confirmed by EICV 4 whereby 24.4% and 28.2% girls and boys respectively age 15 to 19 have ever experienced physical violence. The situation is echoed by the recent Democratic Healthy Survey (DHS) which shows that 32.6 % and 29.2% girls and boys respectively age 15 to 19 have ever experienced physical or sexual violence.  Household poverty increases the risk of children being exposed to abuse, neglect, and exploitation.

In collaboration with the government of Rwanda and other partners, Save the Children is supporting the strengthening of Child Protection System through pre-service trainings of the Child Protection (CP) workforce, on-the-job coaching of the Child Protection volunteers, provision of logistics, and generation and application of evidence to strengthen the system. Lastly, SC also focuses on documenting the best practices in the Child Protection model in order to inform wider scale up beyond the current geographical coverage.