Child Protection

Building on the findings of the Child Rights situation analysis conducted in 2013, Save the children Rwanda country office focuses on the following areas:

Adressing Child labor in Rwanda - Child Domestic Work Project

In partnership with Children’s Voice Today (CVT), a child-led organization and Rwandan Local NGO, we are piloting a project aiming at improving the rights of children domestic workers in two sectors of Nyarugenge district, in Kigali City. The project seeks to support child domestic workers to be better equipped with information, knowledge and skills to prevent their engagement in harzadous work. The project also provides a forum for collaboration with Kigali City Council, UNICEF and the National task force on child labor for a nationwide advocacy.

Save the Children Rwanda implements this project in partnership with Children's Voice Today (CVT), a Child-led Organisation and also, member of the African Movement of Working Children and Youth (AMWCY). 

Our Work; 

  • Identification of Child Domestic Workers in Nyamirambo and Nyakabanda sectors.
  • Establishment of partnership with referral services to support child domestic workers according to the case and specific needs. 
  • Guide and support child domestic workers in making decisions that would enlighten the future. 
  • Support family tracing and reintegration of child domestic workers. 
  • Provide vocational training opportunities to children. 
  • Sensitization of employers to allow child domestic workers to engage in social and educational opportunities as well as to respect their rights. 
  • Faciltate sensitizayion for community members. local leaders and Police on the Rwandan National child labor policy. 
  • Partnering with authorities and the Rwandan Police in responding to issues affecting child domestic workers.  


Positive Discipline Program - Ending Corporal and Humiliating Punishment against Children

We are piloting a project aiming at introducing Positive Discipline in schools located within 5 sectors (Rusarabuye, Rwerere, Rugengabare, Gitovu and Cyeru) of Burera District in the Nothern Province and at national level.  

Save the Children Rwanda aims to ensure that all children are protected from violence, abuse and exploitation. 

Our Work. 

  • Training teachers on how to build a warm and positive relationship with students and to establish a supportive student-teacher relationship which is linked with a variety of benefits for children as well as a child-friendly learning environment. 
  • Supporting schools to develop reporting mechanisms and Codes of Conduct for the prevention and Response to Violence Against Children in schools. 
  • Sensitizing and building the capacity of local leaders and community members on Child Rights and positive ways of disciplining children. 
  • Sensitizing children themselves on their rights and advocating for them, self control, and reporting cases of violence in schools. 
  • Leading national-level initiatives that bring together stakeholders, both Civil Society and the Government of Rwanda to discuss the issue of Physical and Humiliating Punishments (PHP) while promoting Positive Discipline in all settings. 


 Children working in tea plantations before Save the Children intervention