application/pdfRwanda and Burundi Country Office, Newsletter for 20222022 has been a big year for Save the Children Rwanda and Burundi. We did whatever it took to improve the lives of children and their families in Rwanda and Burundi. Because of the support of our partners and donors, Save the Children was commissioned by UNHCR as its 2023 project implementing partner in Rwanda and Burundi. Because of this, we will expand our programs nationally, around health and nutrition, child protection, gender-based violence, and complementary pathways to provide skilled refugees with job opportunities. Through our child protection interventions in Mahama Refugee Camp, we reached 18,458 children. In Burundi, as well as becoming UNHCR partner of choice nationally, we also started new World Bank and EU contracts which will reach thousands of gender based violence survivors and prevent thousands more cases. Under Education, we trained 5,800 pre-primary teachers and 4,322 school leaders in play-based and age-appropriate activities. Kumwe Hub, our innovation and impact investment Hub, has taken off with a new team, new funding partners, and new projects. 6 child-focused businesses have received loans amounting to $63,300 through Ongezea Loans Fund. 14 Rwandan businesses working with different ASRH themes were awarded grants through our Ndashinganye Grants, and a daycare for entrepreneur mothers was established in Mahama Refugee Camp. 30/12/20223MB
application/pdfHumanitarian Quarterly Newsletter _July to September 2022Kirehe District officials visited the Mahama II Health Centre to assess the progress made in addressing what the Ministry of Health recommended Save the Children so that the Mahama II Health facility can be medicalized. The delegation appreciated the progress made after visiting the maternity ward and the operation theatre. SCI upgraded Mahama II Health Centre to provide more obstetric emergency services, including cesarean sections and blood transfusions. It’s expected the Medicalized Health Centre to start offering surgical services on November 1, 2022.06/10/20227MB
application/pdfRwanda and Burundi Country office, Q2 2022 NewsletterMedicalization: Save the Children has completed the construction works for the medicalization of Mahama II Health Centre serving both refugees in Mahama and the host communities. It is now awaiting for the certification by the Ministry of Health to fully start its operations. 29/07/202210MB
application/pdfFinal Report First Steps Program First steps is a program implemented by Save the Children and Umuhuza that aims to increase the knowledge and skills of parents to support their children's cognitive, social emotional and physical development in Rwanda.20/06/20228MB
application/pdfEndline Evaluation of Advanced School Readiness ProjectSchool readiness is the foundation of equity and quality education. It is gaining global support as a viable means to help young children reach their full developmental potential and engage in lifelong learning. 20/06/20222MB
application/pdfSchool for Change Endline evaluation This report presents the findings and recommendations of the School for Change project endline evaluation.20/06/20229MB
application/pdfQualitative Endline Evaluation- First Steps Program in RwandFirst steps is a program implemented by Save the Children and Umuhuza that aims to increase the knowledge and skills of parents to support their children's cognitive, social emotional and physical development in Rwanda. 20/06/20226MB
application/pdfNext Generations Kids and Integrations ProjectsSustainable success in protecting refugee Children lies in integrating their matters into existing national child protection and welfare systems. 20/06/20224MB
application/pdfRwanda and Burundi Country Office Q12022 NewsletterWe would like to thank you! Your generous support allowed us to directly assist 621,697 people in 2021, among them 486,907 children. In 2022, we continue to serve the communities in Rwanda and Burundi and do whatever it takes to save children. 21/04/20227MB
application/pdfSave the Children’s recent needs assessment in Burundi.We are pleased to share this report from Save the Children’s recent needs assessment in Burundi. Our assessment aimed to capture the scope and scale of the Education and Protection needs among internally displaced, returnee and host communities in Kirundo, Ruyigi and Cankuzo. These three provinces are among those receiving the most returnees, and were highlighted in the 2021 Burundi Humanitarian Needs Overview as presenting the most severe needs. 11/02/20223MB
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