Save the Children’s nutrition services saved Amanda* s life

Thursday 8 December 2022

Amanda*, 3 years old, lives with her family and two siblings in the Mahama refugee camp. When Amanda* was 12 months old, she suffered from severe acute malnutrition associated with a digestive disorder.

“When my child was 12 months old, she started refusing to eat certain foods like rice, beans, and vegetables. This affected her growth and ability to gain weight,” says Suzan, * Amanda*’s mother.

In 2018, when Suzan* took Amanda* to Mahama II Health Center, Save the Children’s nutritionists diagnosed her as severely malnourished. Amanda* was then admitted to the Outpatient Therapeutic Program and her mother attended nutrition education sessions, to learn the best ways to prepare a well-balanced diet for her child.

“Save the Children supported me with supplementary food, like a plumpy nut, and capacity building through regular visits.” Suzan* said.

Today, Amanda* is healthy and performs well in class. She says when she arrives home from school, her mother feeds her vegetables, beans, rice, or pasta, with a well-prepared sauce, which she now loves and enjoys.