Monday 1 July 2019

Mfitumukiza and his mother read together a storybook borrowed from the reading club

Mfitumukiza, 11, dropped out of school for two years and returned as an older child to primary two. He is a first born and lives with his mother and a little brother. “My results are admirable. I am either the 6th or 8th place in the class,” he says.

Mfitumukiza started attending a reading club called Mureke Dusome’s (Let’s Read), which was set up in his local community to help more children learn to read and write.

“I should be studying in Class 5, but I am now in class 2 as Mureke Dusome project inspired me to go back to school,” he affirms.

Mfitumukiza attends the reading club every Saturday to acquire literacy skills and performs well during school lessons.

His behavior at school has transformed since enrolling at the reading club.  When he goes home after school, Mfitumukiza reads books and writes notes instead of walking aimlessly around the village. His mother even reads with him when she is done with her daily activities.

“When I come home from school, I also assist my mother with activities like fetching water while she is preparing evening food. Then I start reading books and doing my homework. I can’t skip school classes. I like Kinyarwanda, English and mathematics,” he says.

Mfitumukiza has a dream to become a leader so that he can help his others have a better quality of life. Mfitumukiza aspires to solve the problem of school dropout.