Child Participation

application/pdfActivity Cards- helping Young Children with DisabilitiesA tool kit with activities that parents and front line workers can use to support children who have developmental delays and disabilities. Save the Children developed for USAID funded MCSP Zika Response in the Caribbeans 2 years ago but the activities are applicable for developmental delays and disabilities caused by other factors. The activities are simple and can be done using materials found in the home. They are largely our adaptation of early stimulation activities for children with disability and delay but they also apply for older children whose developmental age is 6 and below even though they may be older in chronological age. It is a free resource and can be adapted and used as as appropriate for the Rwandan context 27/05/20208MB
application/pdfIYCF-E Capacity Mapping Tool Version 1. 0,We are glad to share with you all, a fantastic IYCF-E Capacity Mapping Tool Version 1. 0, that was developed by UNICEF and Save the Children East Southern Africa Regional Office.The tool is universal, so it can be used and recommended in all contexts. It has been used already in several contexts, in ESAR and Latin America regions for example. It s a first version, but solid at this stage. As stated, this is a version 1.0, and hopefully in 6 months or so, we will try to collect experiences, feedback, inputs, so that we could look at a version 1.1 in 2021. 06/05/20202MB
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