application/pdfHumanitarian Quarterly Newsletter _July to September 2022Kirehe District officials visited the Mahama II Health Centre to assess the progress made in addressing what the Ministry of Health recommended Save the Children so that the Mahama II Health facility can be medicalized. The delegation appreciated the progress made after visiting the maternity ward and the operation theatre. SCI upgraded Mahama II Health Centre to provide more obstetric emergency services, including cesarean sections and blood transfusions. It’s expected the Medicalized Health Centre to start offering surgical services on November 1, 2022.06/10/20227MB
application/pdfRwanda and Burundi Country Office Q12022 NewsletterWe would like to thank you! Your generous support allowed us to directly assist 621,697 people in 2021, among them 486,907 children. In 2022, we continue to serve the communities in Rwanda and Burundi and do whatever it takes to save children. 21/04/20227MB
application/pdfSave the Children’s recent needs assessment in Burundi.We are pleased to share this report from Save the Children’s recent needs assessment in Burundi. Our assessment aimed to capture the scope and scale of the Education and Protection needs among internally displaced, returnee and host communities in Kirundo, Ruyigi and Cankuzo. These three provinces are among those receiving the most returnees, and were highlighted in the 2021 Burundi Humanitarian Needs Overview as presenting the most severe needs. 11/02/20223MB
application/pdfKAP Report on Burundian in Mahama Refugee Camp n an effort to better understand how COVID-19 plays out in high density population areas in Rwanda, Save the Children conducted a Rapid Assessment of COVID-19 awareness among Burundian refugees in Mahama Camp. This site was selected because it was deemed to be one of the places where it is difficult to implement standard measures (e.g. social distancing, hand washing with soap, etc.). The study provided a snapshot and useful information about refugees’ knowledge, attitudes, and practices related to COVID-19. 09/07/2020522KB
application/pdfTwo years on - our response to the Burundi Refugee CrisisOver 43,000 refugees of which more than 24,000 are children have been reached with Save the Children International (SCI) interventions in Mahama refugee camp over the past 2 years. Our interventions include: community services, child protection, health and nutrition, livelihoods and education for out of school children and youth. We currently support more than 24000 Burundian refugee children. 10/07/20171MB
application/pdfHumanitarian Work - Save the Children in emergenciesSave the Children in emergencies20/12/2013849KB
application/pdfHumanitarian Work - Nkamira Transit Centre, Case StudyNkamira Transit Centre, 6 June 2012.20/12/2013474KB
application/pdfHumanitarian Work - Jolie and Uwase Case StudyJolie and Uwase Case Study20/12/20132MB
application/pdfHumanitarian Work - Nkamira Transit Centre, Case StudyNkamira Transit Centre, May 2012.20/12/2013372KB
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