Child Protection

application/pdfChild Protection - Community Based Child Protection NetworksChild Protection - Community Based Child Protection Networks: Case Study.27/10/2014174KB
application/pdfChild Protection - Filbert and Beltin: Case StudyFilbert and Beltin - Child Protection20/12/201317MB
application/pdfChild Protection - Innocent: Case StudyChild Protection - Innocent: Case Study20/12/2013182KB
application/pdfChild Protection - Liliane: Case StudyChild Protection - Liliane: Case Study20/12/20131MB
application/pdfChild Protection - Local Child Protection Systems Child Protection - Strengthening Local Child Protection Systems. Best Practices.27/10/2014117KB
application/pdfHumanitarian Work - Jolie and Uwase Case StudyJolie and Uwase Case Study20/12/20132MB
application/pdfHumanitarian Work - Nkamira Transit Centre, Case StudyNkamira Transit Centre, 6 June 2012.20/12/2013474KB
application/pdfHumanitarian Work - Nkamira Transit Centre, Case StudyNkamira Transit Centre, May 2012.20/12/2013372KB
application/pdfHumanitarian Work - Save the Children in emergenciesSave the Children in emergencies20/12/2013849KB
application/pdfPan-Africa Polcy Paper: COVID-19 Impact on African ChildrenThe comprehensive report underlines that although children do not represent a high-risk group for direct COVID-19 fatality, the pandemic posts a far-reaching secondary impact that heightens risks to the rights and wellbeing of children in Africa. With the rapid spread of COVID-19, this pandemic is overburdening the under-resourced African health systems and disrupting routine health services, jeopardising Africa children’s access to formal learning, health and safety/protection, especially girls and this is unfolding in Africa against a backdrop of worrying hunger levels driven by climate shocks, conflict and economic challenges. 08/06/20202MB
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