application/pdfRwanda Country Office Annual Report for 2017In 2017, we directly reached a total number of reached 395,079 children and 127,633 adults in Rwanda with our different interventions that focused on child protection, education, health, nutrition, child rights and governance not forgetting emergencies. This is because we aim to delivering lasting results to transform children’s lives and the future we all share. Our Rwanda Programme report for the year 2017 highlights key achievements and our work for children in Rwanda with the current coverage in 30 districts of Rwanda.11/06/20187MB
application/pdfRwanda and Burundi Country Office Q12022 NewsletterWe would like to thank you! Your generous support allowed us to directly assist 621,697 people in 2021, among them 486,907 children. In 2022, we continue to serve the communities in Rwanda and Burundi and do whatever it takes to save children. 21/04/20227MB
application/pdfActivity Cards- helping Young Children with DisabilitiesA tool kit with activities that parents and front line workers can use to support children who have developmental delays and disabilities. Save the Children developed for USAID funded MCSP Zika Response in the Caribbeans 2 years ago but the activities are applicable for developmental delays and disabilities caused by other factors. The activities are simple and can be done using materials found in the home. They are largely our adaptation of early stimulation activities for children with disability and delay but they also apply for older children whose developmental age is 6 and below even though they may be older in chronological age. It is a free resource and can be adapted and used as as appropriate for the Rwandan context 27/05/20208MB
application/pdfSTOP THE WAR ON CHILDREN: GENDER MATTERS REPORTWars and conflicts are intensifying and becoming increasingly dangerous for children. Whilst fewer children are living in conflict-affected areas, those who do face the greatest risk of falling victim to serious violence since systematic records began. This report, focuses on how conflict affects girls and boys differently, sets out the basis for an international plan of action to protect children in conflict, and the ways humanitarian actors can improve their responses to be more sensitive to both age and gender.13/02/20208MB
application/pdfFinal Report First Steps Program First steps is a program implemented by Save the Children and Umuhuza that aims to increase the knowledge and skills of parents to support their children's cognitive, social emotional and physical development in Rwanda.20/06/20228MB
application/pdfSchool for Change Endline evaluation This report presents the findings and recommendations of the School for Change project endline evaluation.20/06/20229MB
application/pdfRwanda and Burundi Country office, Q2 2022 NewsletterMedicalization: Save the Children has completed the construction works for the medicalization of Mahama II Health Centre serving both refugees in Mahama and the host communities. It is now awaiting for the certification by the Ministry of Health to fully start its operations. 29/07/202210MB
application/pdfChild Protection - Filbert and Beltin: Case StudyFilbert and Beltin - Child Protection20/12/201317MB
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