application/pdfRCBI - Policy and PracticeRwanda Children's Book Initiative - Policy and Practice29/09/20142MB
application/pdfHumanitarian Work - Jolie and Uwase Case StudyJolie and Uwase Case Study20/12/20132MB
application/pdfIncreasing funding for Supplementary Materials within the Ca In order for Rwandan pre-primary and lower primary pupils to learn how to read and develop a reading culture, they need a variety of age-appropriate books. Text books alone are not enough. 29/10/20152MB
application/pdfSupplementary Materials Approval CommitteeRwandan Primary and lower primary pupils to learn to read and develop a reading culture, they need access to a variety of age-appropriate book. text books alone are not enough23/10/20152MB
application/pdfSupplementary Materials Approval CommitteeEstablishing a Supplementary Materials Approval Committee 29/10/20152MB
application/pdfPan-Africa Polcy Paper: COVID-19 Impact on African ChildrenThe comprehensive report underlines that although children do not represent a high-risk group for direct COVID-19 fatality, the pandemic posts a far-reaching secondary impact that heightens risks to the rights and wellbeing of children in Africa. With the rapid spread of COVID-19, this pandemic is overburdening the under-resourced African health systems and disrupting routine health services, jeopardising Africa children’s access to formal learning, health and safety/protection, especially girls and this is unfolding in Africa against a backdrop of worrying hunger levels driven by climate shocks, conflict and economic challenges. 08/06/20202MB
application/pdfRCBI Endline Report Endline report measuring progress registered towards the stated outcomes of the Rwandan’s Children Book Initiative (RCBI), a project aimed at supporting publishers to produce high quality, age appropriate, Kinyarwanda children’s books and to distribute these books to schools. 26/05/20152MB
application/pdfEarly Literacy Promotion in RwandaOpportunities and Obstacles 09/11/20152MB
application/pdf428,278 children directly benefited from our services-2015In 2015, we directly reached a total number of 428,278 children in Rwanda with our different interventions that focused on child protection, education, health, nutrition, child rights and governance not forgetting emergencies. This is because we aim to delivering lasting results to transform children’s lives and the future we all share. Our Rwanda Programme summery report for the year 2015 highlights key achievements and our work for children in Rwanda.21/10/20162MB
application/pdfTHE BEST WE HAVE TO GIVE“Well, I must do something. We must do something. Humanity owes the best it has to give to children," Eglantyne Jebb said, To know more about her journey to be the founder of Save the Children, and as we are celebrating a century of saving the children across the World, read this book.16/01/20202MB
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