application/pdfELMI Midline evaluation reportThe report on the ELMI midline evaluation produced in December 201421/05/20151MB
application/pdfUPR Case StudyA case study that provides an overview of the a CSOs report on children's rights to education, health and protection. 29/04/2015413KB
application/pdfRCBI Book CatalogueDetailed information on availability of well written and illustrated Kinyarwanda children's books, pricing and publisher(s). 27/04/20151MB
application/pdfTeacher Development Position PaperAdvocacy paper highlighting the need for a permanent system of continuing professional development (CPD) for teachers, in order to achieve improvements in areas such as literacy instruction.22/04/2015621KB
application/pdfPrimary Position PaperA Policy Advocacy Position Paper making a case for the incorporation into the Kinyarwanda Primary curriculum of enhanced teaching methods to encourage reading.22/04/20154MB
application/pdfPre-Primary Position PaperPosition Paper highlighting Emergent Literacy is one of the most important foundational abilities children must develop before beginning primary school. Also forwards suggestions as to what the Pre-Primary curriculum should be predominantly composed of. 22/04/20151MB
application/pdfParenting Education Literacy Position PaperKinyarwanda version of Parenting Education Literacy Position Paper.22/04/2015537KB
application/pdfParenting Education Literacy Position PaperPosition Paper indicating that parents need guidance on how to support children’s physical, emotional, social, and cognitive development, and also touches on the significance of cognitive development and emergent literacy as among the most important foundations for later school and life achievements. 22/04/2015770KB
application/pdfEnjoying Books Together Kinyarwanda versionKinyarwanda version of the Enjoying Books Together at Home pamphlet, which includes fun ways parents and care-givers can help instill a reading culture in children. 22/04/20154MB
application/pdfEnjoying Books Together in the Classroom A detailed guide produced by the Rwandan Children’s Book Initiative, a project of Save the Children. The aim of the guide is to introduce Rwandan teachers to the importance of written material and books and to share some ideas for how they can be used in the classroom to improve student’s learning.22/04/20151MB
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