application/pdfEducation - Child Friendly ECCD Case StudyChild Friendly ECCD Case Study20/12/2013231KB
application/pdfHealth - Beatrice: Maternity Health Success StoryBeatrice: Maternity Health Success Story20/12/2013252KB
application/pdfSave the Children Rwanda Strategic Plan 2019-2021Our three year Strategic Plan (2019-2021) to help children in Rwanda survive, learn and be protected.02/07/2019254KB
application/pdfEducation - Feza: ECCD Success StoryFeza: ECCD Success Story20/12/2013255KB
application/pdfHealth - Lucie: CHW Case StudyLucie: CHW Case Study20/12/2013255KB
application/pdfEducation - Francoise: ECCD Case StudyFrancoise: ECCD Case Study20/12/2013263KB
application/pdfJOSEPHINE NYIRANDINABO - MOTHERLiteracy Boost works with parents, teachers and children to promote literacy in the classroom, in after school reading clubs and in community training sessions. Josephine and her family are involved in the Literacy Boost programme in Gicumbi district. Josephine attends community trainings that teach parents how to promote literacy in the home and her seven year old son Sammy benefits from these home activities, regular participation in an after school reading club, and a classroom where the teacher has been trained by Save the Children’s Literacy Boost team16/01/2015284KB
application/pdfChild Rights Governance - AEJT Case StudyAEJT Case Study20/12/2013293KB
application/pdfLiteracy Boost - LB in the Community: Case StudyLiteracy Boost in the Community: Case Study.30/09/2014297KB
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